About Us

Our 2021 tour book contains a list of tours that Excursions Unlimited, Inc. will be offering for 2021. These travel programs include a wide range ... short trips, longer tours, repeat excursions that have been popular, and new first-time trips, domestic travel in the USA and international packages abroad. No one can possibly take all of these trips, and some dates overlap ... but in our travel plans there is always SOMETHING for EVERYONE.

    Most of our tours are planned months in advance, and because of unforeseen circumstances, there are times when changes and variations from the original itinerary are necessary, (dates, hotels, meals, and tours might need to be altered.) Excursions Unlimited reserves the right to make variations or substitutions of the schedule to insure that our high standards of travel exists. Any such alteration of a trip would only be in exceptional situations, and would serve to improve the quality of the tour. Never would a program be deleted without equal replacement or better.



Pick out your favorite trips, send in your deposit as listed by the trip, and send it in to Excursions Unlimited or your local travel agent. You may call in your reservation by phone, and WE WILL HOLD A SPACE ON ANY TRIP FOR ONE WEEK, pending receipt of your deposit. Remember: it is important that you make your tour reservations as early as possible for it gives us a quick indication as to how many to anticipate on a trip. Also, many of our tours sell out well in advance. FINAL PAYMENT on tours will normally be due 45 DAYS from departure. Exceptions... cruises and major tours involving air arrangements... could be as much as 90 days.

FINAL PAYMENTS ON TRIPS MAY BE MADE IN CASH, BY PERSONAL CHECK, TRAVEL BOND, OR CREDIT CARD. When you make a deposit or final payment by mail, a return receipt will be mailed to you. We normally do not mail a final payment notice.

Tours that involve cruise lines, airlines, rail, tour wholesalers, and other suppliers that work in conjunction with Excursions Unlimited usually have their own cancellation policies. Cancellation fees will be charged subject to the penalties imposed by that organization or company. Also, pre-purchased theatre tickets, attractions tickets and airline tickets will be non-refundable unless they can be resold. 

    Another problem of cancellation is the roommate that now has been left single. We realize that when roommates must cancel, it places a hardship on the other person. Excursions Unlimited will assist in trying to find another roommate, but if the person makes the trip as a single, that person will be responsible to pay the single supplement. If you have to leave a tour any time after the departure because of unforeseen circumstances, refunds will be based on what is recoverable by Excursions Unlimited from the different suppliers. Refunds cannot be made for the unused motorcoach transportation and some hotel fees or advanced ticket purchases.

In order to reserve a space for any trip, a deposit is required. No coupons, gift certificates, and incentives can be used as part or all of your deposit, but must be applied to final payment.

To help protect your investment, optional trip cancellation insurance is available. This insurance helps provide coverage for Trip Cancellation/Interruption, trip delay, baggage loss, theft or damage, medical expense and emergency evacuation coverage and more. Insurance premiums MUST be paid by the final payment date for the tour. Please call our office for further information.

The price of all tours is based on two people sharing a room. Unfortunately, if you travel as a single, there is a single supplement charge to offset the additional expense of your lodging. If you wish, our office will offer assistance in finding a travel companion, if there are others looking for a roommate on the same trip. Remember: going single does not mean private seats on the motorcoach.

Approximately 3 weeks prior to a trips departure, an Information Sheet will be sent to all tour participants. You will receive luggage tags, a complete list of all hotels and phone numbers, clothing information, and a list of what to bring. Our normal luggage policy is always one suitcase per person, and a tote bag. Airport fees for luggage on flights are not included in our prices.

As already discussed, there are tremendous benefits in group travel. But, for the sake of the group, there are some individual regulations that must be made to maintain a group trip. NO SMOKING while on the motorcoach, but we take frequent rest stops and travel breaks. The use of ALCOHOL is prohibited while on the motorcoach. To be fair to everyone on the bus, we ROTATE SEATS ONCE EACH DAY. To complete each day's itinerary, it is important for everyone to BE ON TIME and FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE. Traditionally we start each day with a prayer. Every motorcoach will have restroom facilities, and our escorts serve snacks and refreshments while on the bus.

Each tour is accompanied by an Excursions Unlimited representative to assist you in every area, to handle all travel arrangements, and to make your trip as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. In cities and areas of interest, knowledgeable local guides will join the tour for in-depth commentary and detailed narration. Although Excursions Unlimited is known for its Escorted tours, there may be times when exceptions must be made. Some cruises and small motorcoach groups may not be escorted, but Excursions Unlimited will provide all services, information, and assistance to assure a successful and pleasurable tour.

On any tour, the question of gratuities is sure to come up. Excursions Unlimited provides gratuities for hotel and airport baggage handling, group meals, and local sight-seeing guides. Gratuities for the bus driver and your tour escort are optional and strictly voluntary. Normal guidelines should be $2.00 per day per person. If you feel that they have performed in an exceptional manner and wish to remember them, your kindness would be appreciated.

On every tour, each person will be given an evaluation form to comment on the quality of the tour, the accommodations, meals, the tours, motorcoach, driver and escort. Your response is very helpful in planning future tours and all comments are appreciated, and certainly noticed.

Regardless of reason, any cancellation of a trip is difficult on both parties, the person forced to cancel, as well as the agent for the tour. Seldom does anyone ever want to cancel a trip, but they are usually forced to do so because of unforeseen circumstances. This results in a costly process of letters, phone calls, adjustments, refund checks, a loss of available space on tours, and often time does not permit for resale. To offset these expenses, the following policy will apply:

    Excursions Unlimited will not impose any penalty on deposit, or money paid until final payment date of that trip. Upon cancellation, after final payment date, you will lose your original deposit in the amount listed as the necessary deposit for that tour, until 30 days before departure.  Notification of cancellation from 30 days until 15 days before the departure of a trip will result in a 50% penalty of the cost of the trip. Cancellation from 14 days until the departure of the tour will result in 100% penalty. 

Tours that involve cruise lines, airlines, rail, tour wholesalers, and other suppliers that work in conjunction with Excursions Unlimited usually have their own cancellation policies. Cancellation fees will be charged subject to the penalties imposed by that organization or company. Also, prepurchased theatre tickets, attractions tickets, and airline tickets will be non-refundable unless they can be resold. We strongly recommend purchasing the optional Travel Protection to protect your investment.

Any person that must cancel a trip will receive a refund within approximately eight weeks of notification of cancellation, or when the insurance company processes your claim.
Due to current circumstances, refunds could possibly take up to 12 weeks.

 So many of our travelers come from many areas outside of our headquarters in Savannah, GA. Excursions Unlimited has always tried to accommodate our customers with pick-ups and transportation to departing points along our route. Unfortunately, we are not able to go to many of the towns near where you live and meet our schedule on the first day of travel. We will make special efforts to try to choose departure points at locations that will be easier for our customers to reach. If locations are inconvenient for you, we will offer a room, parking, breakfast, taxes, & a pickup at a mid-town hotel in Savannah or Pooler for $65 per person, double occupancy, as well as rooms at an airport hotel prior to a flying trip. Once you receive your final letter, please let us know where you will meet for departure.