Excursions Unlimited

EXCURSIONS UNLIMITED has maintained the same standard for the past 41 years ... QUALITY TOURS at affordable prices...offering the BEST & the MOST in Group Travel for one inclusive price. With interesting, exotic, near and far destinations to be visited, Excursions Unlimited is dedicated to take you there for a pleasant travel experience, with meals, quality transportation and lodging, delightful tours, and a friendly host to keep things running smooth...all included in your cost.

Excursions Unlimited
Excursions Unlimited

There are so many beautiful sights and scenes in our 50 states and the Canadian Provinces, a unique blending of people, customs, history, foods, and accents. From our National Parks of Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Smokies, Grand Tetons, to the rugged coastlines of Maine, Oregon, and the Outer Banks. From the wild-like grandeur of Alaska to the plains and prairies of the Dakotas, Kansas, and Texas. ... from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Alberta, Canada, to western landscapes of Utah and Arizona, and the quaint fishing villages of Nova Scotia...

We challenge each of you to see North America and our world with EXCURSIONS UNLIMITED!!! 


June 12, 2020

We will resume limited travel in the month of July, taking the necessary, recommended precautions to keep everyone safe.  Please continue to check our website for updates on the trips we will offer for the remainder of this year.

April 13, 2020

Our office is closed, as we are considered a non essential business.  As soon as possible, we will advise you of new dates for the many trips that have been postponed.   We are still on hold waiting for a new directive by our our government.  Hopefully soon, things will open and we can travel again.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and stay patient, as everything is on hold at this time.

March 19, 2020

Given recent and impending travel restrictions and advisories worldwide, and with the health and safety of our loyal customers and communities at the forefront, all tours between now and April 30 have been postponed. We are POSTPONING trips until restrictions are lifted and everyone feels safe to travel.

Since this is an evolving situation and regulations can change, we are asking for your patience and continued support during this difficult time as we sort through the exceptional circumstances that the uncertainty of this situation is creating.  “This too shall pass”, so while you are staying home, begin to think and plan where you might like to go when our motorcoaches take to the highway again. We are all in this together as partners in travel, so stay safe, stay well, and God Bless!    

Gift Certificates

For the Holiday Season or anytime, why not try an Excursions Unlimited Gift Certificate as a Stocking Stuffer or a present throughout the year. If you would like one, please contact our office. Name the amount and we will send it to you.