A nostalgic journey to “Small Town America” features the heart-warming production of “Tales From The Altamaha” in Lyons and a visit to a huge wholesale nursery near Baxley.  Our first stop is at the large complex of Green Houses off a country road at the County Plant Farm where you can purchase hanging baskets of beautiful flowers (new wave petunias, impatiens, begonias, and other perennials).  Traveling on to Toombs County, famous for growing its sweet onion variety that is unique to the soil of the area, we stop in at one of the farms to pick up a bag of the famous Vidalia Onions. Lunch is at Chatter's before we take our seats in the renovated Blue Marquee Theatre in Lyons. "The Tales of the Altamaha" is performed with a cast of over 100, as we see the show that was first produced in 2005, and each year includes added themes and stories. A Great Day full of entertainment, sightseeing, shopping, and FUN! … plus everyone receives a bag of Vidalia Onions.

PRICE OF TRIP:  $109 per person

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