GIFT CERTIFICATES ... For the Holiday Season or anytime, why not try an Excursions Unlimited Gift Certificate as a Stocking Stuffer or a present throughout the year.  If you would like one, please contact our office. Name the amount and we will send it to you. 



     So many of our travelers come from many areas outside of our headquarters in Savannah, GA. Excursions Unlimited has always tried to accommodate our customers with pick-ups and transportation to departing points along our route. Unfortunately, we are not able to go to many of the towns near where you live and meet our schedule on the first day of travel. We will make special efforts to try to choose departure points at locations that will be easier for our customers to reach. If locations are inconvenient for you, we will offer a room, parking, breakfast, taxes, & a pickup at a mid-town hotel in Savannah or Pooler for $65 per person, double occupancy, as well as rooms at an airport hotel prior to a flying trip.  Once you receive your final letter, please let us know where you will meet for departure.