EXCURSIONS UNLIMITED has maintained the same standard for the past 39 years ... QUALITY TOURS at affordable prices...offering the BEST & the MOST in Group Travel for one inclusive price.   With interesting, exotic, near and far destinations to be visited, Excursions Unlimited is dedicated to take you there for a pleasant travel experience, with meals, quality transportation and lodging, delightful tours, and a friendly host to keep things running smooth...all included in your cost.

     There are so many beautiful sights and scenes in our 50 states and the Canadian Provinces, a unique blending of people, customs, history, foods, and accents.  From our National Parks of Yellowstone,  Grand Canyon, Glacier, Smokies, Grand Tetons,  to the rugged coastlines of Maine, Oregon, and the Outer Banks. From the wild-like grandeur of Alaska to the plains and prairies of the Dakotas, Kansas, and Texas. ... from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Alberta, Canada, to western landscapes of Utah and Arizona, and the quaint fishing villages of Nova Scotia...

     We challenge each of you to see North America and our world with EXCURSIONS UNLIMITED!!!  




Excursions Unlimited TRAVEL BONDS have always been very popular with our loyal supporters and travel friends in preparation for the coming travel year.  Interest rates are still low, offering a smaller return on your money, and the Stock Market is always a risky investment.  Our Travel Bonds are a great way to increase your dividends.  If you plan to travel with Excursions Unlimited in the coming year, this is an excellent offer too good not to use and there is no way to lose.  After 39 YEARS of offering Group Tours, this is what we have for you!

   Between NOW and FEBRUARY 28, 2019, we will offer you an opportunity to make 15% on your money.  For each $100 Travel Bond that you purchase, we will give you back $115 in Travel Credit that can be used on most of Excursions Unlimited Exclusive Motorcoach Tours of 6 Days or Less in 2019, with the exception of trips that stay in New York City, The Greenbrier, or the Grand Hotel. For any Cruises, International programs, Motorcoach tours of 7 Days or More, and trips that use air, cruise, or rail, or any trip that stays in New York City, the Greenbrier, or the Grand Hotel, we will offer $105 for each $100 spent, or 5%.  Note:  Travel Bonds CAN NOT be used to purchase travel insurance, or for deposits, but only for full or final payment of any trip that Excursions Unlimited offers. They can only be used in $105 or $115 increments, and payment in bonds cannot exceed the cost of the trip.

            If you decide that you wish to be reimbursed on your Travel Bonds, we will send your money back, $106 for every $100 that you spent on Travel Bonds for travel credit…that is a 6% return on your money.  All refunds would come after 12 months from the date of purchase.  Also, remember that Travel Bonds can be carried over from year to year.  This program has proven to be very popular, and will tremendously increase your savings in travel.  This offer to purchase Travel Bonds ends on the LAST DAY of February, so don't delay....buy your Travel Bonds now & plan on traveling in the coming year.           

SPECIAL BONUS OFFERAnyone who purchases New Travel Bonds between November and CHRISTMAS or UNTIL THE END OF 2018 will receive a BONUS GIFT from Excursions Unlimited in appreciation of your support. With a minimum purchase of 10 Bonds, you will receive a $25 Travel Voucher. For each additional 10 Bonds purchased, you will receive another $25 Certificate.  These vouchers can be used on any trip.   Don’t Wait … call us now!



CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS  .. The Excursions Unlimited Offices will be closed on November 22 & 23 for Thanksgiving, and during the Christmas & New Years holidays. DEC 24-26,  and Dec 31-Jan 2.  Enjoy your holidays & get ready for some Great Tours next year with EXCURSIONS UNLIMITED.